Our Final Show of 2021


Ahhhhhhhhh, live performance. It's what I live for. It's why I do what I do. 

As much as recording makes me feel trapped ... caught in the foolhardy pursuit of gleaming. glistening, start-to-finish perfection ... playing my…

Final Summer Show

We invited some very good friends back to town to help us cap off our summer schedule... catch us before we hibernate!!

Souvenir LP Giveaway

Hard to believe it's already been 11 months since we unveiled our latest album Are We Sure The Dawn Is Coming? with a release show at Sportsmen's Tavern. 

Oh, how the time does fly ... 

This weekend…

Return To The Stage

Coming to you live and in-person for the first time in 9 MONTHS and we couldn't be more excited!!

All-new band lineup featuring Eric Zak on keys and Coni Majchrowicz singing harmonies.

Saturday, June 5. The Cave…


Emerald City's Gone

Our buddy Omeri Monroe at TuneWorks Media recently crashed band practice to film a video for our song "Emerald City's Gone"

Take a look on Youtube and Facebook and let us know what you think!!

Happy Release Day!!

We're officially live on all your favorite platforms.

Listen, share, add to your favorites.

Thanks as always for your support <3


We've officially broken ground on the next record!!! Had a great first day with Jason Hall at Black Rock Studios.

New music comin' at ya very soon :D